dQdt KG

Measuring of fluid consumption

The mobile measuring system dQ-road...

  ... provides dynamic and exact
      fuel consumption measurements in vehicles

  ... for fuel systems with return flow to tank
      as well as returnless fuel systems

  ... is quickly and easily connected
      and ready for measurement in a short time

  ... the power range with the dQ-m-90 sensor is about
      300 kW at diesel engines and 250 kW at gasoline engines

  ... important features are integrated:
      - inlet and outlet fuel pumps configurable
      - inlet, outlet and returnflow pressure regulator adjustable
      - low leakage high performance fuel connectors
      - replacement of the fuel filter at the front panel
      - operation indicators and commisioning assistance

  ... 2 operating positions:
      - front panel vertical, as shown
      - front panel horizontal, fluid connectors top
      - width: 49 cm, height: 32 cm, lenght: 26 cm